A Painter for Younger Kids

We provide the paper and crayons for your PC,
your child supplies imagination!

Download the free version of Crayens
Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Malware, Virus and Toolbar Free (Verified by Softpedia & SI)
Hey, it's the sun!
Free Download of Crayens
Simulating real-life Crayons and paper
Crayens will keep your PC safe while the kid uses it

Keeps your PC Safe

Once started, Crayens automatically locks access to other programs, keeping your youngster in a safe “sand box” to play in
Crayens are very easy to use!

Designed for ages 2+

Crayens works just like real-life papers and crayons, so young children can use Crayens with ease
Crayens will teach your kid skills

Learn computers earlier

Expose your child to the computer experience, learning key skills like:

» Keyboard & Mouse use
» Fine motor skills
» Cause and effect actions
Now, why didn't they think of it before?
Crayens is an exciting, skill building and entertaining educational toy for toddlers and preschoolers. Just look:
Keeps your computer safe
Crayens lets every toddler play and draw using the family PC – without risk of accidentally deleting any of your documents and important files
Even 2 year olds can use the computer
Crayens is easier than adult drawing programs, and is specially engineered and designed for ages 2+
Teaches valuable skills for today’s electronic world
Crayens lets your child start using the family PC much earlier. Your child can gain key skills such as fine motor skills, cause & effect, basic computer skills, creativity and visual interpretation
No mess and no wasted paper
Crayens lets your kids draw as much as they want without wasting paper and without drawing on walls or furniture
How to use Crayens?
  1. Download - Download & install Crayens. Start the program from the desktop shortcut
  2. Draw - Click and move the mouse in order to draw
  3. Change colors - Press any key on the keyboard to change the crayon color
  4. Change sheets - Click the ESC key to bring up a new drawing page
  5. Print - Print out your child's artwork for the fridge by pressing ALT+P
  6. Exit - Exit Crayens by clicking ALT+4
Minimum system requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Pentium III or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1024 X 768 resolution, 16 bit color
  • Internet access for activation
CNET 5 Star

"It's the best drawing software for toddlers I could find"
miriamhes, Download.com

"cool cool cool, my son loves it. let my son draw without my help. Instead of making a mess with his crayons, he just uses the computer and paints. Works for me"
jason_044, Download.com

Softpedia 5 Star

"Its a success with my daycare kids. Just wanted to give -thumps up-"
Kate D, Softpedia.com

"Downloaded it yesterday, very happy, my girl loves it and i can let her use the computer like she wanted."
vic_31, Softpedia.com

Spyware Free
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