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What is Crayens?
Crayens is the first desktop painting program made solely for young kids (2+). It has a toddler-oriented usability: instead of a mouse pointer, you get a huge crayon. Instead of a color palate, you simply tap the keyboard to change colors. As long as your kid doesn’t spill his orange juice on the keyboard, it’s loads of fun!

Most Important, Crayens keeps your other programs and documents out of the reach of your young artist, by blocking the exit when in use. Your computer is safe!
Why was Crayens created?
When having coffee with a friend, I watched as his 3-year old son sat with us, using a computer program to draw on the family PC. When he asked for a different color, my friend had to get up and help his son change the color.

Before he sat down, his son asked for a new page. Getting up once again to help, my friend said, “He likes to draw- especially with the PC. I guess it’s because he sees me use it for my work. Unfortunately, I have to be there while he uses it – last weekend he almost deleted a bunch of files when he quit the program.”

I asked him why he didn’t get a program that was more suitable for his age, and I was surprised to learn that there aren’t any.

As my friend told me, “all other painting programs are for grownups or older kids. Only the iPad has several solutions, but I’m not about to give a 3-year old a $500 tablet to play with!”

“Hmm…” I replied.

And Crayens was born!

That was also the year our twins were born. My wife and I have decided that now would be a perfect time to invest in a solution that will enable our kids to access a computer once they turn 2 years old. And who do you think did all the QA tests for Crayens?
Company information
Crayens develops the painter for early ages. Based in Brookline, Massachusetts, Crayens provides a unique solution which allows toddlers and preschoolers to approach a PC for the first time, experience it without using special hardware and learn valuable skills such as motor skills, cause & effect and early computer skills.
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